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Stock Valuation FAQs

When a practice is valued, it is often for goodwill and equipment, “plus stock”. That is to say, the stock levels will be determined closer to settlement and an amount added to the valuation to compensate the vendor for the stock that will be onsite at the date of transfer. There are a lot of […]

Beginning of Financial Year

The end/beginning of the financial year is an important time for most veterinary practices – it is often a quiet time in the clinic, but a busy time in the office and for management. A bit of a checklist could include: Creating a budget for FY2022 – there is a lot of talk about creating […]


Have low interest rates lead to higher valuations for vet practices? Real estate prices have gone up in all major cities, has this been reflected in vet practice valuations? Our valuations are based on profitability before interest, so no, interest does not influence our valuations. Practices have become busier and more profitable – this has […]


The current paradox in the veterinary economy – high workload with vet shortages It certainly seems that for the veterinary industry, the current COVID-19 crisis has had an economic outcome that would have been hard to predict. While so many other industries have lost customers and had to reduce staff hours, the pet industry has flourished […]