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Interview with Jim Martin, founder of ValuVet

Who started ValuVet? Where and how did it all start? We thought it might be a good idea to go back to the beginning. We were lucky that ValuVet’s founder, Dr Jim Martin, agreed to come out of retirement (at 86 years old) to be interviewed about his career and to tell us about the […]

Interview with Tony Thelander

Tony Thelander has been a prominent figure in the Australian veterinary industry for more than 40 years. Starting out as a veterinarian, he has taken on multiple roles in both the business and management side of being a vet. We asked him to share some advice, from what he has learned over the last four […]

Running a successful business is not a sprint or a marathon…

There is a common saying that running a successful business and having a successful career is a “marathon, not a sprint”. The saying is meant to remind people to think long term, to pace themselves and have longevity in mind, rather than just short-term results. At first, the metaphors of the sprint and the marathon […]

Why the Staff will Stay

It is quite common for practice owners to be fearful of how the staff will react if they learn that their practice is for sale. While it is, of course, always possible that a practice could experience some staff attrition when it changes hands, it is, in fact, extremely rare. Believing that the staff will […]

Practice ownership: Should you Buy or Set up?

Once a Vet has decided that they want to be their own boss and own a vet practice, the next question that they face is “should I buy an existing practice or set one up from scratch?” Regularly, Practice Sale Search will be selling a small practice, where the potential buyer will argue that, for […]