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Dr Tony Thelander BVSc, MBA, FAICD
ValuVet Principal

Tony is a consultant to the private sector of the veterinary industry, in the field of veterinary business management. His work involves business valuations, succession and partnership advice and business assessments, for the purpose benchmarking and improving performance.

Tony graduated from the University of Queensland in 1970, and was principal of the Chermside Veterinary Hospital in Brisbane for 35 years, during which time he completed an MBA and attained his FAICD.

As a life member of the AVA, Tony has served in executive positions at Branch and Division level, as well as the ASAVA. He was an inspector for the ASAVA Hospital Accreditation Scheme for 10 years and a director of Provet for 24 years.

Tony joined Valuvet as a consultant in 2003, and became its Principal and Director in 2007, after retiring from full-time clinical practice.

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Dr Hugh White BVSc (Hons), MVSc, MACVSc
ValuVet Consultant
Vet's Practice Market Place co-ordinator

Hugh is a graduate of the University of Sydney, and was a principal in a private mixed veterinary practice in Kempsey and Armidale NSW for 33 years. During that time he was involved for varying periods with the EVA, ACV and the Post Graduate Foundation.

He is currently the Director of the Centre for Veterinary Education within the University of Sydney on a part-time basis, and has been a consultant to ValuVet since November 2007.

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Mr David Sharp
B. Comm. NSW - Accounting & Business Finance

Chartered Accountant, Director - DFK Richard Hill

David qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985. He worked with KPMG (then PriceWaterhouseCoopers), before founding Walker Sharp & Co in 1993, which became part of DFK Richard Hill in 2005. David’s initial training involved auditing different sized companies, from multinationals to small private family companies, in a wide range of industries. His subsequent experience in Business Workouts, assisting financially troubled companies turn their fortunes around, taught David how a company could be changed to operate profitably and how to identify the real value in a business.

In 1997 David started valuing veterinary practices with Jim Martin, in addition to running his accounting and taxation practice. Since then, David has assisted with the valuation of over 500 veterinary practices of all types throughout Australia. David brings first-hand business experience to our valuations, providing a realistic view of the practice, which ultimately will achieve the best result for both buyers and sellers. David is also able to provide additional advice as part of the valuation process, which can assist both buyers and sellers to maximise the benefits from the transaction, both in terms of its tax effectiveness and improvements in profitability.


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ValuVet Newsletter Winter 2016

In order to defray travel costs, our visiting schedule will allow clients to co-ordinate with our movements.

Regardless of the proposed schedule, our consultants are available at all other times as the situation demands.

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